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  • Neo-Marxism
    • 20th C
      • Tried to explain the survival of capitalism in Europe
      • 'Frankfurt School'
        • Herbert Macuse
        • Max Horkheimer
    • Frankfurt School
      • Gramsci's: 'cultural hegemony'
        • Capitalism affects the arts, media & education
        • Vindicated Marx's  belief in revolution
      • Rejected evolutionary socialism (rejected Euro-communism)
        • Revolution was needed to smash false consciousness
      • But Marcuse argued Gramsci was wrong to assume that culture could change the economics of a society
    • Ralph Miliband
      • On socialist governments in W.Europe
        • 'parliamentary road' to socialism is impossible
        • All confronted by state-sponsored anti-socialist forces
      • Revolutionary overthrow by 'spontaneous' TU action
      • 'The State in Capitalist Society.' (1973|)
        • Sought to demolish the idea of gradual socialism
        • Argued socialist governments had always diluted their agenda
        • Marx had argued the existing state would always support the dominant economic class


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