French Negatives

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  • Negatives
    • Must have 'ne' and 'pas'
      • 'Ne'= before verb
      • 'Pas'= after verb
    • If 'ne' is before a vowel, it is shortened to n'
      • E.g Ce n'est pas
    • Key Vocab
      • Ne.. pas = not
      • Ne.. jamais = never
      • Ne.. plus = no more
      • Ne.. personne = no one
      • Ne.. rien = nothing
      • Ne.. que = only
    • Examples
      • Je ne fais pas de natation
        • I do not do swimming
      • Il n'y a pas d'ordinateur
        • There is no computer
      • Nous n'avons pas de limonade
        • We have no lemonade
    • After a negative, 'un' or 'une' become 'de'
      • Examples
        • Il n'y a pas de cinema
        • Je ne mange pas de pizza




This is a very good resource for anyone unsure of how to form negatives in French. It explains how to use negatives in range of phrases and provides some useful examples to make it clear. This is an important aspect of French grammar and all students should know it.

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