Negative impacts of WW2 on Black people and their Civil Rights in the USA.

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  • Negative Impact of WW2
    • City authorities were unsympathetic towards Blacks.
    • They were fighting for freedom abroad, but had no freedom back home.
    • White supremacists found it easier to attack Black people.
    • Blacks migrated to cities due to mechanization of farming.
    • Alexandra, LA. Drunken black soldiers arrest led to a 2hr race riot.
      • Black troops, White military police, state troopers, local police, and civilians participated. 13 Blacks were shot.
    • Jealousy over the best jobs. White males disliked black men working alongside White women.
    • Urban shortages were severe.
      • People crowded into places such as Detroit, and whites saw blacks as rivals for homes.
    • Tension between blacks and whites who found themselves in close proximity.
    • Still no voting rights.


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