Negative effects of video games

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  • Negative effects of video games!
    • Increased aggressive behaviour
      • Anderson & Bushman - Meta analysis
        • Found short term exposure to violent video games was associated with temp aggression.
        • Correlational
        • Age bias - only carried out on children.
    • Increased physiological arousal
      • Funatsuka - gaming can cause epileptic seizures.
      • Pokemon - associated with epileptic seizures in 700 japanese viewers.
      • Researching using the game 'Doom' found music cause increased arousal in men and women.
    • Desensitisation to violence
      • Batholemew found desensitisation to violence in those who were used the violence in games.
      • Subsequent research has found gaming leads to desensitisation in real life.
    • Reducing helping behaviour
      • Research - 48 participants played either a violent or non violent version of doom in pairs.
        • They were then given the option to cooperate or exploit each other.
        • Those who played violent version chose to exploit.
    • Addiction to games
      • Grusser et al 07 - survey of 7000 gamers found 12% of them could be addicted according to the WHO
    • Poorer relationships
      • According to some researchers video games lead to poorer relationships because in order to play people remove them self from social settings.
      • However certain games such as the Wii aim to play collectively.
      • It could also be the case that relationships are already struggling and people turn to gaming.


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