Need for coastal management

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  • Need for coastal protection
    • Amerstand slready mostly below sea level- relies on defences
    • 1m sea level rise- would flood half of Bangladesh rice fields. Millions of people would have to migrate
    • 3.2 million ppl live within 200km of coast
    • Coastal zones include
      • Islands
      • Shores and coastlines
      • Salt marshes
      • Wetland
      • Beaches
    • Climate change- predicted a rise of 48cm due to thermal expansion. Could be 90cm by end of century
      • Water heats- molecules move futher apart=thermalexpansion
    • Ports- Centre for trade, commerce and investmentled
    • Waste assimilation and detoxification
    • Fishing
      • EST. 100 million tonnes fish caught per yr. 10-12% pop rely on this for income
    • Tourism


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