Need for coastal protection

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  • Need for coastal defences
    • Population by the coast
      • 3.2 million people live within 200 km of the coast
      • Millions of people would have to forcefully migrate from the coast due to rise in sea level
        • The islanders of Tuvalu have already made plans to leave their homeland as it is regularly being flooded
      • Flooding by the sea is a growing problem.
        • It threatens people's homes
        • Amsterdam is already below sea level and relies on sea defence to protect it from flooding
    • Source of income
      • Tourism
        • Flooding by the sea threatens  the tourist industry
        • The tourist industry is important
          • It employs thousands of people in numerous coastal towns and villages
          • 60% of Majorca's GNP is generated by tourism
      • Fishing
        • 10-12% of the population rely on fishing for income
        • The income generated from fishing is vital and can be very lucrative.
        • China captures the greatest tonnage of fish each year
    • Business and Trade
      • The main ports are the centres of commerce trade and investments
      • Coastal areas suitable for locating a port were some of the first places to grow into important cities such as london
    • Rise in sea levels
      • 1 m rise in sea levels would flood half of Bangladesh's rice fields and force the migration of millions of people


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