Near Death Experiences

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  • Near Death Experiences
    • Dr Raymond Moody did research into these NDEs, he found although no two are the same, they share common features
      • Most common feature is the feeling of being drawn down a tunnel towards a light
    • In 1983, Professor Bruce Greyson devised a measurement scale
      • To be classified as a NDE there must be a min score of 7/32
    • -An altered state of time - Accelerated thought processes
    • -A life review - A sense of sudden understanding
      • -Vivid sensations - extrasensory perception
    • -Feelings of peace and joy - Feelings of cosmic oneness
    • -Feeling/seeing that they are surrounded by light
    • - A vision of some future event - A sense of being out of body
    • - A sense of an 'other worldly' environment - Sense of mystic entity
    • - A sense of deceased or religious figures - A sense of border or point of no return
    • When someone is declared clinically dead


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