Nazis rise to power - Chancellor

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  • Nazis rise to power - Chancellor
    • Hitler as a strong leader
      • didnt wear glasses in public, propaganda built him into an almost superman, seen as a saviour of Germany in contrast to weak government
    • Organisation
      • Party was well organized - many members had been in the army so brought the same obedience and teamwork, they also had skilled leaders at every level which appealed to the public because they toook the party more seriously
    • Propaganda
      • drew up violence at election meetings so that the SA could be seen dealing with it. Gave th epublic something to go against and see the Nazis controlling the problem.
    • Flexiility
      • If an iea was loosing support then they would change it. E.g they spoke powerfully for the nationalisation of industry until they found out the industrialists didnt like it and then they stopped.
    • Weaknesses of opposition and promises to voters
      • Social Democrats feared they would attempt another putsch so didnt challenge them much. Nazis also made promises to workers for more jobs and employees were promised restored profits


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