Living in Nazi Germany - women

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  • Nazis and Women
    • What were women for?
      • To make lovely Aryan babies with lovely Aryan men, and caring for said Aryan babies in lovely Aryan homes
    • What was expected of women's behaviour?
      • Women were expected to choose a pure German husband and have as many babies with him as possible, (marriage was advised)
      • There were expected to look like Aryan women (plaits, no trousers, heels or make up)
      • They had to be fit and healthy
      • They shouldn't work
    • How Nazis worked on women
      • Hitler Maidens were created to give girls something to do
      • When a couple got married they were given a 1000 mark loan
        • For every child they had the could keep 250 marks of it
          • Encouraged to have 4 children
      • Awards were given to women that had more than four children
      • If a women stayed at home and didn't work, they would pay less tax
      • The number of maternity clinics went up dramatically, it was the safest place for pregnant women
    • When the war started, what changed?
      • Importance of marriage decreased as men had to go and fight
      • Lebensborn maternity homes were set up to increase the chance of women getting pregnant without marriage
      • Women with four or more children had to give up their husbands so he could find another women
    • Did it work?
      • Birth rate rose dramatically
      • Quite likely women were having babies because they liked the loans and the safety Germany offered
        • Many women were probably not in favour of Nazi ideas
      • The whole thing was always voluntary, but it provided a good reason for women to have children


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