Nazi rise to power

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  • Nazi Success/Rise to Power
    • Depression
      • Agricultural depression
      • By 1932 6 million unemployed-turned to extreme parties in distress
      • 1931 collapse of the banks-middle class savings were wiped out
      • Nazi promises- provide work for unemployed -revive agriculture
      • Wall street Crash
    • Propaganda, Hitler 'strong man' to save Germany
      • Goebebels in charge
      • Night speeches-raise emptions of crowd
      • 1932 Fuhrer over Germany- posters, parades,soup kitchens
    • SA Violence/   Popularity
      • attractive to men who wanted purpose,  uniform, food. feared by middle class however admired for standing up against threat
      • Led by Roehm- involved in street fights
      • Believed they help bring Hitler to power. In event of Civil war Hindenburg  could not control them.
      • During depression Nazis expanded to 2.5 million
    • Electoral success
      • 1928-2.6% 1930 18% 1932  july 37%     1932 nov 33%
    • Hitler himself
      • Charasmatic/  good speaker
      • Determination- refusal of vice chancellorship and chan without Article 48
      • Leader of largest party SA- fell apart whilst he was in prison 1923
    • Weakness of Weimar
      • Treaty of versailles- Germany blamed. stab in the back- lost weimar support
      • weak coallitions- average 6 months
      • article 48--> dictatorship
    • Cross class appeal
      • Main voters were farmers  /peasants
      • Unemployed. by 1932 more workers voted than any non-socialist party
      • Middle class were amongst most enthusiastic supporters- effected by depression


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