Nazi stereotypes

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  • Nazi Stereotypes
    • All heavily promoted through propaganda
      • Taught Germans how to single groups out based on physical characteristics
    • Were split into 3 groups
      • Ideological
        • Ideas threaten to undermine VG
          • Communists
      • Biological
        • Threaten racial purity, unfit for breeding etc.
          • Jews, Gypsies, Mentally ill, Blacks etc.
      • Social
        • Behaviour/ values put them on the fringe of society. Nazis believed it was hereditary
          • Alcholics, Homosexuals, Vagrants, Criminals etc.
    • Aryans
      • "The master race"
      • Women = child bearers
      • Men = providers and warriors
      • Still expected to follow orders & accept VG
    • Farmers
      • Positive stereotype
      • Upheld traditional German values
    • Workers
      • Largest group, so promoted as positive to gain Nazi support
    • Women
      • Seen as EQUAL to men, just DIFFERENT role to play in society
      • "Kinder, Kurche, Kuche."


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