National 5: Unit 3 Hitler & Nazi Germany- Nazi Rise to Power

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  • Nazi Rise to Power
    • Long Term Bitterness
      • Anger about the WW1 & Treaty of Versailles
    • Ineffective Constitution
      • Crippled government
        • Article 48
        • Proportional Representation
    • Money
      • Financial support of wealthy businessmen
        • Who scared of Communism & losing money
    • Propaganda
      • Josef Goebbels was the minister of propaganda
      • Made German masses believe Jews were to blame for German struggle & Hitler was their last hope
    • Personal Qualities
      • Hitler was a very powerful public speaker
        • He also came across very organised and had an excellent sense of timing
    • Attack
      • Attack on specific people
        • Jewish
          • Completely segregated
            • Blamed fro Germanys problems
        • Communist
          • SA broke up political meetings
          • Communist blamed for Reichstag fire
    • Programme
      • A promise for all kinds of people
        • Working class: employment oppertunities
      • Middle Class: protection from hyperinflation
        • Upperclass: An alternative to communism
    • Economic Depression
      • The different depressions of 1923 and 1929 economically ruined Germany
        • People looked for a strong party so this would never occur again
    • Recruited by Hindenburg
      • Hindenburg and Von Papen offered Hitler role of Chancellor thinking they could control him.
        • Hitler was contemplating suicide before this happened
      • 1932 elections Hitler failed to get a majority again


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