Nazi Control of Germany

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  • Nazi Control of Germany 1933-1945
    • ** 1925
      • Led by Heinrich Himmler
      • Men were Aryans and highly trained and loyal to Hitler
    • Gestapo (secret state police)
      • Could arrest citizens on suspicion and send them to concentration camps
      • Ordinary Germans told of each other thought they would find out anyway
    • Police and courts
      • Under strict instructions to ignore crimes committed by Nazi agents
      • Controlled magistrates, judges and courts - opposition to Nazism rarely received fair trial
    • Concentration camps
      • Usually in isolated rural areas
      • Prisoners forced to do hard labour
      • Food limited, suffered harsh discipline, beatings and random executions
      • Jews, socialists, communists, trade unionists, churchmen and anyone who opposed Nazis ended up there


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