National 5 History: Unit 3 Hitler & Nazi Germany- Nazi Control

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  • Nazi Control
    • Terror
      • S.S
        • Swore allegiance to Hitler personally
      • S.A
        • Brown shirted stormtroopers
        • Violently dealt with party opposition
        • Lead by Ernst Rohm had allegiance to NAZI PARTY not Hitler himself
      • Gestapo
        • Arrests of thousands of people terrified opponents.
        • Went through mail, arrests without reason or trial
        • Ran by Himmler
    • Political
      • Control of national & local government as Furer
      • Enabling Act 1933
        • Took away Reichstag's power
        • Law against formation of new parties
      • Local Governments re-organised
    • Social
      • Religion
        • Seen as a threat, religious influences reduced. Nazi beliefs incorporated into Church
          • Non-Nazi Catholic priests and Protestant pastors such as Martin Niemöller and Dietrich Bonhöffer were sent to concentration camps.
        • Jews and Jehovah's Witnesses were openly persecuted.
        • Hitler set up 'Reich Church' which banned the bible and cross
      • Culture
        • Artists had to produce acceptable paintings that portrayed Nazi values
        • Jazz music banned
        • Homosexuals prosecuted
        • Jewish books burned
    • Working Control
      • Education
        • Teachers to join 'National Socialist Teachers League' or be sacked
        • Textbooks re-written
          • History was taught to glorify Germany.
        • Girls were taught cookery; boys were taught science and maths.
      • Youth
        • The Nazi Girls' youth organisation - the BDM; it indoctrinated girls and prepared them for church, children and cooking.
      • Nuremburg Laws
        • Jews could not marry German citizens
        • Jews were forbidden to have sexual relations with non-Jews
        • Jews could not employ female German citizens under 45
        • Not allowed to put up national flags of Germany
    • Propaganda
      • Trying to brainwash people into idolising Hitler and obeying Nazi regime
      • Mass rallies at Nuremberg.
      • Newspapers were censored.
      • People's radios were sold very cheaply, but broadcasts were controlled.
      • Films were controlled to make films that glorified war and pilloried the Jews.


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