nazi Beliefs in the 1920s

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  • Nazi Beliefs
    • Union of all Germans in a Greater germany
      • gets more people on their side because it makes them seem stronger and powerful.
    • Equal rights for Germany with other countries.
      • makes germans feel safer. Rejects ToV.
    • Extra Land
      • land was taken in the ToV. more land for industrial and economic growth.
    • Only people of german blood in Germany
      • Removes those who damaged Germany and makes it strong again.
    • Abolish ToV
      • ToV humilated Germany and caused more problems after the war. also get land back that was taken.
    • Re arm Germany
      • only 100,000 in the army so to get more would make Germany safer and protected.
    • Conquer Lebernsraum
      • more land = more money


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