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  • popular policies
    • reversal of Treaty of Versailles - key Nazi policy
      • the Treaty was resented by Germans - T of V - imposed harsh conditions on Germany set by the allies after WW1 - Nazis promised to reverse the terms of the Treaty - this very popular measure - gained considerable support for the Nazis
        • Nazi shutdown of all trade unions - which were merged into a union that favoured employers - DAF -German Labour Front - gained the party popular support from employers
        • a clear example of subconscious support for the regime is the 1934 Nuremberg rally - crowds saluting
        • all classes were affected by T of V
      • this measure introduced by the Nazi party won the party a large amount of support and was popular as people wanted to restore Germany's national pride and the terms of the treaty of Versailles had a drastic impact on all social classes
    • KDF - strength through joy - improved working environment - rewarded workers with holidays/trips heavily subsided by the Nazis
      • one of the key reasons for conformity in Nazi Germany was the creation of the strength through joy organisation. this was a well received policy which aided support for the party
    • infrastructure- construction of the Autobahn,  - well received
      • work and labour programmes created by the DAF (German Labour Front) - boosted the economic  recovery of Germany- this supported propaganda promoting a better future.
    • propaganda aided the success of Nazi policies - as it reinforced them
      • indoctrination of people through various mediums of propaganda
        • the fuhrer myth - was vital propaganda especially when the Nazis were losing the war
          • e.g Battle for Berlin - boys signed up to fight in the army - mainly members of the Hitler Youth
          • many Germans sacrificed their lives for the regime - Hitler portrayed as a god through propaganda
        • radio, film and posters ect.
    • The NSDAP's 20 point programme - gained support from all groups of society and especially from those who shared their hatred and views


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