Nazi Germany - opposition, The Police, Propaganda, Employment

Opposition from youth

The Police State



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  • Nazi Germany
    • Propaganda
      • The Olympic Games
        • Berlin hosted the Olympics of 1936, which the Nazis used as an opportunity to show the success of the regime and to show the superiority of the (Nazi) Aryan race.
      • Posters
      • Radio
      • Newspaper Articles
      • Films
      • Comics
    • The Police State
      • Gestapo
        • This was the Nazi's secret police force
      • Schutzstaffel (**)
        • Led by Heinrich Himmler, the ** was the most important of these organisations and oversaw the others.
      • Sturmabeilug,(SA)
        • literally Storm Detachment, was the Nazi Party's original paramilitary. It played a significant role in Adolf Hitler's rise to power in the 1920s and 1930s.
    • Opposition from youth
      • the Edelweiss Pirates
        • They reacted to the discipline of the Hitler Youth by daubing anti-Nazi slogans and singing pre-1933 folk songs.
        • in 1944, the Pirates in Cologne killed the Gestapo chief, so the Nazis publicly hanged 12 of them.
      • The White Rose
        • They published anti-Nazi leaflets and marched through the city in protest at Nazi policies.
        • Its leaders, brother and sister Hans and Sophie Scholl, were arrested to and sentenced to the guillotine
      • Swing Youth and Jazz Youth
        • These were young people who rejected Nazi values, drank alcohol and danced to jazz.
        • The Nazis rejected jazz music as degenerate and called it '***** music', using their racial ideas against this cultural development.
        • These youths were closely monitored by the Gestapo, who regularly raided illegal jazz clubs.
    • Employment
      • Public Work
        • included building hospitals, schools, and public buildings such as the 1936 Olympic Stadium.
        • The construction of the autobahns created work for 80,000 men.
      • Re-Arment
        • Rearmament was responsible for the bulk of economic growth between 1933 and 1938.
        • Rearmament started almost as soon as Hitler came to power but was announced publicly in 1935. This created millions of jobs for German workers.
      • National Service
        • The introduction of the National Labour Service (NLS) meant all young men spent six months in the NLS and were then conscript-ed into the army.


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