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  • Nature/nurture
    • Arguments for nature
      • Sociobiologists say we inherit characteristics
        • e.g. personality, gendered behaviour, aggressive behaviour
      • Many sociologists believe we have inherited dispositions to behave in a masculine or feminine way because of hormonal differences
    • Arguments  for nurture
      • Feminists are critical of the theory arguing that gender roles aren't the same all over the world
      • People are not born with cultural values
      • Socialisation differs depending on the ethnicity, religion, gender ect of the child
    • Evidence
      • Twins separated at birth. However very similar when reunited (Bouchard)
      • Feral children: Isabel the chicken girl, Kamala and Amala - wolf children, Oxana Malaya, Genie Wiley
      • Experiments: Bruce Reimer
      • Cross-Cultural studies: Margaret Mead (1935)


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