Blood Brothers Nature vs Nurture

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  • Key events
    • Nature vs Nurutre
      • Characters
        • Mickey
          • Aggressive
            • Nurture
          • Speaks informal english
            • Doesn't know how to spell.
        • Mrs Jonhnstone
          • Feels a connection towards Edward.
            • Nature
              • Bond between Mickey and Edward.
                • Edward
                  • Speaks formal english
            • Edward
              • Speaks formal english
          • Working class family
        • Mrs Lyons
          • Feels that she is loosing her son
          • Edward is not her biological son
        • Quotes
          • Edward
            • "side plate"
              • Nurture
              • Social devison
            • "Don't you know what  dictionary is?"
              • Nurure
            • Looks in the dictionary for "Boogie man"
              • Nurture
          • Mickey
            • "the f word"
              • Nurture
            • "this is my brother"
              • Nature
              • Even though they dont know they are brothers they feel the connection
        • Other Themes
          • Social class
            • Mickey Working class
            • Mr Johnstone working class
            • Eddie upper class
            • Mrs Lyons upper class
          • Parenthood
            • Parents they have been brought up by
          • Education
            • Eddie goes to uni
              • Goes to Grammer school
              • Gets a job
            • Mickey doesn't go to uni.
      • Eddie goes to uni
        • Nurture
      • Mickey and Linda are pregnant.
        • Mickey has been brought up to think its ok to be a parent at a young age.
      • Eddie gets a locket Mrs Johnestone
        • Doesn't allow Mrs Lyons to see it
        • Told to keep it as a sectet by Mrs Johnhstone
          • Mother and Son bond.
      • Mickey and Edward meet up for the first time
    • Connection between him and Mrs Johnestone
      • Mother and Son bond.
    • Natural connection
      • Meet up for 2nd time
      • Mickey and Edward meet up for the first time




    best so far helped my exam in bloodbrothers social class 

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