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  • Nature of Communication
    • T treats N like a child and she adopts his pet names until she realises the true meaning of these harmless pet names.
      • "Wagging his finger" "the pretty little sky-lark would sing"
    • T and N have never had a serious conversation - lack of communication
      • First time you and I...have had a serious talk" "worries that you couldn't possibly bear" - she's a woman
    • T is always the dominant speaker until act 3
      • "Rises"
    • Mrs L and K always tell each other the truth and they speak as equals
      • "A broken man clinging to the wreck...A broken woman clinging to the wreck" - share imagery
    • Lexical field of money
      • "spendthrift""earn" "salary"
    • N can't express herself truthfully
      • "I would simply love to say: 'Damn'" "petty"
    • Joe and Chris share language
      • "Kid" "Joe McGuts" - he admires him
    • Communication between J and K show their relationship
      • "What do I do?"
    • K and J don't talk about serious things e.g. Larry
      • "What have I got to hide?"//"I didn't say you had anything to hide"
    • Chris and Ann are honest with each other
      • "I didn't want to take any of it...included you"
    • Jim and Sue- lexical field of money
      • "for ten dollars"
    • Lexical field of business spoken about differently by Joe and Chris
      • "One of the best shops in the state" "The business doesn't inspire me"
    • Kate can't communicate how she really feel so eventually slips up
      • "He hasn't been laid up in fifteen years...Huhh?"
    • N and Rank have open relationship and talk about anything
      • "Look at our little Nora talking about laboratory tests" - only speaks of these things with Rank
  • "Wagging his finger" "the pretty little sky-lark would sing"


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