weapons in warfare

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  • Nature of warfare 1700-1850
    • industrial revolution
    • change of uniform
      • move to high ground
    • new model army
    • musket changed
    • grating machine  gun was invented
    • bigger army as they needed them
    • infantry- dominant part 75%of army  carvery-20% of army  declined artillery- about 5%
    • infantry- brown bess muskets calvery- mainly carried swords and dragoons artillery- cannons
      • more people died  at front of battle so back needed stronger
        • lighter guns where pulled by horses meant that they where more flexible for battle tactics
      • could be moved around the battle field
    • light field artillery cannon weighed around 4 tons. industrial rev helped the growth of iron industry
    • strategy limited warfare still remained rulers led armies and didn't want to die . development of weapons meant grater loss of life.transport . relied on English channel.
    • still move in lines and columns
    • became move valuable to muskets
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