nature of the UK constitution

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  • Nature of constitution
    • Parliament sovereignity
      • This is the idea that parliament is supreme and ultimate authority sits with it, as representative of the people.
      • No parliament can bind its successor-can repeal acts by previous governments
      • Parliament is the supreme legislative body and legislation can not be changed, struck down or ignored by a judiciary
    • Entrenchment
      • The constitution is not entrenched, meaning that it is easily changed- by even a simple act of parliament.
    • Uncodified
      • Meaning it is not written down in one document
    • Unitary
      • Meaning all power is centralised in it. This has been changed by devolution which spreads the power.
    • Rule of Law
      • This is the idea that everyone, including government is subject to the law.
        • Everyone is entitled to a free trial- for this to work the judiciary needs to be independent


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