Nature of God

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  • Nature of God
    • Omnipotent
      • Able to do anything even the logically impossible
        • Descartes
          • All logic comes from God so he can change or suspend it at any time
        • Creates an arbitrary image of God with unknown intentions
      • Can only do the logically possible
        • Aquinas
          • Only does what makes sense for him to do - consistent with his nature - cannot sin
        • Swinburne
          • A square circle is not a 'thing'
        • God is limited by logic and human reason
      • Self-imposed limitation
        • Vardy
          • A fine-tuned universe means for God to act in a way opp. to his nature would  disrupt the balance
          • God acts within the natural laws he created
            • 'God is limited by the  world he chose to create... so humans can be brought into a loving with him'
        • Kenosis = 'self-emptying' - God rid himself of some divine attributes to make Jesus' encounter with humans possible
        • Miracles
        • God created the natural laws to allow for evil and suffering
      • = divine power
    • Omnibenevolent
    • Omniscient
      • = full knowledge
      • Geach
        • Like a Grand Master playing a novice
          • Novice has free will to make own moves but ultimately master is in control
        • God may not know the future as this is logically impossible - but may guide people - Xtianity
      • Schleiermacher
        • God knows us like a close friend - accurate predictions of what we will do
        • God also has middle knowledge = knows the possible outcomes of all decisions - even ones not made
        • God knows all outcomes but we still have free will to choose
      • Boethius
        • God's knowledge is different to human's - human reason can know things lesser animals can't
          • Saying God and human knowledge is on same level anthropomorphises him
        • God knows everything inc. past, present and future
          • If God knows the future why dos he not intervene in the present to prevent evil
          • Human actions ar predestined - can't be held morally responsible - beyond our control
    • Eternal


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