Nature of autocratic rule: Nationalism and Russification

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  • Nature of autocratic rule: Nationalism and Russification
    • Cause
      • 1894-1905: Nicholas used Russification to control the Russian Empire.
        • Came as a result of: development of nationalist feelings in Baltic states.
          • Nicholas thought this threatened the unity of the Empire.
    • Definition of Russification
      • Aggressive promotion of Russian culture+suppression of other national cultures.
    • Forms of Russification
      • Imposition of Russian  as official language of government and justice system of Baltic states.
      • Promotion of Russian culture through primary schools.
      • Suppression of non-Russian cultures.
      • Establishing Russian-language Uni's: Iur'ev University in Estonia.
    • Consequences
      • Counter productive
        • Turned groups who had been loyal to the Tsar.
          • Cultural persecution turned Finns, Armenians and the people of the Baltic against the Tsar.
          • Nationalism in Baltic states was a powerful anti government force.
            • Against the Tsar in 1905 revolution.
      • Led to anti-Semitic feelings in Russia.
        • Led to violence against minorities in Russia.


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