Nature-nurture debate - Issues and debates

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  • Nature-nurture debate in psychology
    • Nature Concepts and mental capacities are innate; come from heredity (genes from generations)
      • Measured using heritability coefficient; 1 = completely genetic
    • Nurture     Born as a blank slate; knowledge gained from experience and environment
    • Family studies Certain trait seen over generations suggests has genetic basis; otherwise, must be environment
      • However families often share environment so difficult to separate both sides of the debate
    • Interactionism Both genetics and environment impact behaviour
      • Example   PKU - born with the disorder (nature); managed by diet, if not then affects behaviour and biology (nurture)
    • Diathesis-stress model Genetic vulnerability to a medical disorder that is in hibernation until triggered by a stressor
      • Examples schizophrenia Depression
  • Biological Psychodynami Cognitive Humanistic Behaviourist
  • Nature
  • Nurture


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