Nature - Nurture

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  • Nature - Nurture
    • Nature
      • Evolutionary
        • All behaviour promotes survival
        • Bowlby - attachment is adaptive as an infant will be protected
      • Genetic
        • Family, twin, adoption studies show the closer 2 people are genetically, the more likely they will have the same behaviour
        • E.g. schizophrenia is 40% in MZ twins and 7% in DZ twins
    • Nurture
      • Behaviourism
        • All behaviour can be explained in terms of experience (conditioning)
      • Social Learning Theory
        • Behaviour is acquired through learning. Some biology
      • Other
        • Psychological - children who get contradicting info from parents could lead to symptoms of schizophrenia
    • Evaluation
      • Epigenetics
        • Material in cells of your body act like switches to turn genes on and off
      • Can't separate
        • It is hard to disentangle the effects of nature and nurture
      • Nurture affects Nature
        • life experiences shape behaviour (brain plasticity)
      • Nature affects Nurture
        • Genes may have an indirect effect on many things
          • active influence - seek experiences to suit genes
          • passive influence - parent's genes influence behaviour
      • Diathesis-stress
        • A biological vulnerability which is triggered by environmental factors


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