Nature and Features of Brahman or Bhagavan

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  • Nature and Features of Brahman or Bhagavan
    • monist and monotheistic
      • one God in many forms
        • saguna
        • antaryami
    • Brahman
      • ultimate being
      • Hindu name for God
      • Upanishads
        • 'in truth, Brahman is all
          • everything + everywhere
        • 'he moves and he moves not, he is far and he is near, he is within all and outside all'
    • ultimate reality
      • limitless
      • source of all life
      • universal soul or conscious-ness
      • beyond human under-standing
      • beyond gender, name or form
        • can't put human atrributes on him
    • antaryami
      • supreme being
      • exists in the heart of every living being
      • Brahman's nature
        • how Hindus see life
        • how Hindus treat people
        • everyone is equal
    • Bhagavan
      • supreme being
      • exists in the world of spirits and deities
      • personal and loving God
        • relationship
        • can protect humans
        • not seperate
    • saguna Brahman
      • personal
      • relatable nature
      • shown in form with qualities
    • nirguna Brahman
      • with qualities
      • spiritual presence only
      • impersonal


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