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  • Nature
    • maternal role
      • quote/analysis
        • context
          • evaluation
            • sometimes I tried to imitate the pleasant songs of the birds but was unable
              • monster can't copy nature as is unnatural
                • acts as a mother to him giving him shelter and comfort
          • evidence to masked re-writing of Mary Shelley's life
            • she spent time in Scotland - lack of mother figure found solace in the moorlands and mountains
              • highlights V's humanity in comparing him to the author of the novel
        • maternal nature bade me weep no more... lulling sounds acted as a lullaby to my too keen sensations
          • mother nature acts a surrogate to his lack of a motherly figure
          • 'lullaby' suggests motherly soothing
            • links to romantic poetry and Nature having a restorative power
          • juxtaposing his serenity hear and anguish earlier emphasises healing motherly role of nature
    • Escapism
      • quote/analysis
        • context
          • evaluation
            • these bleak skies I hail for they are kinder to me than your fellow beings
              • your separates V from M
              • shows how nature accepts V even if he is not natural like them - more accepting than man
                • this is where their true power lies
          • Tolstoy's idea of a simple life away from society creating peace of mind
            • adds to the idea that simple way of life was adopted by millions of others so good for V and monster
        • I was undisturbed by thoughts which during proceeding year pressed upon me
          • nature's power banishes the worries from V's mind
            • romantic poetry element - idea of escapism
          • refers to monster as 'thoughts' emphasising how banished from his mind he is
    • Embodiment of Feelings
      • quote/analysis
        • context
          • evaluation
            • the immense mountains that overhung on every side… spoke of the mighty power of omnipotence
              • embodies what V wants
              • ironic as he will only attain a distorted role of God and nature
          • seen in Gothic and Romantic that nature embodiment of feelings
          • the fact that Shelley uses a mishmash of Gothic and Romantic reflects how V's mind is a mixture of his hideous worries and illustrious dreams
        • the ascent is percipitous
          • use of sublime, reflects his thoughts and lofty ambitions
        • ambition reflected - mountain shows his rise to falling, monster at the topic - irony as has already done this before


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