world cities

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  • Nature
    • Very large agglomerations of over 10 million people
      • overurbanisation
        • Mega cities cannot provide enough jobs infrastructure or services to support the  population
        • More residents than the economy of the city can support
    • A large city that has outstripped its national boundaries and is a global centre for international trade and finance with global ,economic and cultural authority
    • Major differences in economic and social circumstances
  • Spatial distribution
    • 27/33 in  developing countries
      • High rural-urban migration due to agribusiness corporations and export-orientated cash cropping
    • Majority in developed countries
      • only one (Jo'burg) in Africa as a result of its poorly developed  formal economy
        • NYC, london and Toyko
          • Subsystems
            • Link  national and regional economies into global system
  • Outsourcing of manufacturing  to developing countries
    • income inequality
  • Mega cities
  • World cities


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