Nature In Of Mice And Men

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  • Nature
    • Dreams And Aspirations
      • George tells Lennie the story of their own farm
        • Becomes a ritual
          • giving them hope to put up with the ranch life if it will pay off
      • George
        • Scence of security
        • Scence of being thier own bosses
        • Scence indipendence
      • Lennie
        • Security of harsh world
        • the responsability to tend for the rabbits
        • Its a sanctuary where he doesnt have to be affraid
      • Crooks
        • A place to have self respect
        • Security
        • Acceptents
      • Human dignity is an integral part of the dream
      • Obsticals that will effect the dream
        • Lennies need to touch soft things
        • Georges threat is Lennie himself.
    • Setting Symbolisation
      • The Bunkhouse
        • Conflict
        • Cruelty
        • Violence
      • The Pool
        • The place where Lennie and George’s story begins and ends.
        • It is a safe sanctuary to meet and a place free from society
        • Where Lennie and George can be themselves
        • This was where the dream formed and died along with Lennie
      • Crooks Room
        • Decrimination
          • Name Calling
          • Isolation
          • Threat of Death


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