Nature in Frankenstein 

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  • Nature
    • As a restorative.
      • F sees it as a "retreat"
        • He found nature "beautiful and heavenly" p. 71
        • F was "carried away by the wind" p. 71
        • "winds whispered in soothing accents" p.74
      • "elevated" F p. 75
      • C is given a "sensation of pleasure" by it p.80
      • C was "gratified and refreshed" by it. p. 90
        • Also "refreshed" F. p.131
          • Use the same language
      • "seldom failed to restore" F. p. 115
      • "restored and  inspirited" F. P. 155
    • As the sublime
      • "wonderful and sublime" p. 74
      • "glorious presence-chamber of imperial Nature" p. 74
      • "awful and majestic" p. 75
        • Oxymoron
    • As a mother figure
      • "maternal nature" p.74
      • Pronouns used to describe nature are female "her" p. 43
      • Moon seen as a female p. 148
    • Never changing.
      • "immutable laws" p. 75
      • "everlasting ices" p. 156
    • Being "penetrated" by Frankenstein.
      • "still I would penetrate their misty veil" p. 75
      • F wanted to "learn the hidden laws of nature" p. 30
      • "penetrate into the recesses of nature" p.38
      • F "pursued nature to her hiding-places" p.43
    • Being more powerful than man
      • Man "moved by every wind that blows" p.
      • Fire imagery
        • Gave C "joy" and "pain" p.81
      • "insuperable barrier" p. 129
      • F nearly killed by the "immeasurable waters that roared and buffeted" him. p.131
      • "threatened (F's) destruction" p.158




A good approach to looking at the theme of nature in 'Frankenstein'; provides a good starting point for you to add your own notes and findings to.

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