natural selection

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  • Natural Selection
    • Natural selection is the process that causes evolution.
    • Living things show genetic variation-they're not all the same.
    • The resources living things need to survive are limited so individuals must compete for the resources to survive.
    • some of the varieties of species will have a better chance of survival with an increased chance of reproducing and passing on their genes. A greater proportion of individuals in next generation will have characteristics that help organisms to survive.
    • Over many generations, the species become better  and better able to survive. The "best" features are naturally selected and the species becomes more adapted to its environment.
    • Selective breeding is humans deliberately choosing a feature they want to appear in the next generation and only breeding from those plants and animals who have it.
    • Whereas natural selection only selects features that help survival, selective breeding may promote features that don't help survival.


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