Natural population change on character of places

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  • Natural population change affect character
    • Rural/Urban Fringe (POLISH-UK_
      • UK: Loss Jobs, Gained skill workers, Money leaves economy, loss houses, prices rise, more tax to claim. Racism, Loss Culture, Brings Culture, Work ethic, NHS strain.
      • POLAND: Money sent home, No overcrowding, Lose workers, Less taxes payed, no unemployment
    • Rural (DEVON)
      • Areas expanding
        • New housing estates,increased pressure on services,commuting = absent in day, change in culture resented by locals.
    • Urban (UAE)
      • lots of choice of workers, highest skill range, cheap labor, economic boost. $4 a day enough for; Pakistan,India,shrilanka,Bangladesh.= improved facilities in country
      • Strikes of unfair pay from other country workers. overcrowding. = disruption of everyday life


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