Natural or synthetic

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  • Natural or synthetic
    • Kevlar
      • Kevlar is lightweight, tough synthetic fibre used for lining of bicycle tyres and to replace damaged ligaments
        • By weight, Kevlar is five times stronger than steel
      • Bullet-proof police vests benefit from layers of Kevlar fibres woven together
      • The fibres spread the force of a bullet over a large surface area.
      • In addition, a layer of resin hardened glass fibre between the Kevlar layers prevents knife blades entering the jacket.
    • Shape affects properties
      • Articles of clothing with a larger surface area  have more surface molecules to absorb moisture
      • They also dry quicker . You do not scrunch up clothes to dry them!
      • Objects with a larger surface area cool down quicker. Thicker materials are better for thermal insulation and maintaig body tempreture
    • Natural Fibre
      • Disadvatages
        • Limited number avalible
        • Ignite easily
        • Can shrink in the wash
      • Advantages
        • Obtained without much chemical process
        • Biodegradble
        • Absorb water, so are comfortable
    • Synthetic Fibre
      • Advantages
        • Inexpensive to make
        • Strong and hard-wearing
          • Resistant to abrasion, creasing an stainging
        • Can be brightly couloured
        • Dry quickly after washing
      • Disadvantages
        • Low melting point
        • Non-biodegradable
        • Can feel clammy and stick to skin, so limiting breathabillity


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