Natural Law

Am outline mind map on natural law theory

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  • Natural Law
    • Primary Precepts
      • Always true and applicable to everyone without exception.
      • Helps us to achieve Eudaimonia through Human flourishing
    • Secondary Precepts
      • Specific  application of the primary precepts to situations
        • Roman Catholic Church prohibits contraception as it stop reproduction
      • E.G preservation of life- Do Not Kill
    • Real Goods
      • Based on Primary Precepts
      • If the telos  corresponds with primary precepts- good action
    • Apparent Goods
      • Appear to correspond but don't
      • Don't help achieve Eudaimonia
    • Interior and Exterior Acts
      • Interior act is the intention
      • Exterior act is the action itself
      • If intrerior based on primary precept- good
      • Acts are only truly good if both interior and exterior are good
    • Proportional Natural Law
      • Extraordinary situations
        • Ectopic pregnancy- Abortion allowed as only one life lost  instead of teo
      • action not allowed if unintended action had a devistating effect


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