natural law

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  • Natural Law
    • Context of the argument.
      • Deontological
      • Based on Aristotle's teleological philosophy
      • Moving towards fulfilling our final cause.
    • Aquinas
      • Reason
        • Everything has a reason for existing
        • Human reason given by god is starting point of morality
        • Eudaimonia is natural purpose of humans and creation
        • syderesis rule - we naturally do good and avoid evil
    • Precepts
      • Primary precepts
        • Preservation of life
        • reproduction
        • educating the young
        • live in society
        • worship God
    • Strengths and weaknesses
      • Strenghs
        • simple and clear cut approach to morality
        • precepts can be applied to all societys
        • allows human reasoning
        • secondary precepts allow flexibility
      • Weaknesses
        • sees nature as fixedwhen evidence suggest otherwise
        • can be critised using Naturalistic Fallacy
        • doesn't take into account the fall
        • can be interpreted too ridigly and therefore cant cope with individual moral problems


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