Natural Theology

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  • Natural Knowledge of God
    • Goodness
      • Calvin called the conscience the God-given faculty to be moral. Conscience means joint-knowledge: joint between God and man.
    • Beauty
      • Augustine believe that what we see as beautiful are reflections of "The beautiful one"
        • This is seen through the natural world
    • Reason
      •  Reason gives us the logic that cannot be disputed
      • Aquinas took from Aristotle the basis of his Five Ways which were attempts to show the Ways we can know God.
    • Calvin + the Sensus Divinitatis
      • Sees the human mind as fallen + as such incapable of knowing God unless God directly chooses to reveal himself to that person
      • All knowledge of God comes from Christ making it possible for us to overcome Original Sin and know God.
        • Plantinga
    • Evidence to support
      • Since God is too great for finite minds, He has placed signs to Himself in the beauty and majesty of creation.
    • Natural knowledge of God
      • the process of learning about God from the natural world using reason 
      • Aquinas
      • Nicholas Lash


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