Natural stresses in ecosystems

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  • Natural stresses in  ecosystem
    • GBR
      • 2.Tropical cyclones
        • Increase sediment and turbidity levels
        • immediate effects
      • 3.Crown of Thorns starfish
        • Causes widespread damage to reef when in plague proportions
      • 1.Rising sea levels
        • Reefs grow when sea levels are high
          • If sea levels rise slowly corals can keep pace and keep growing
    • Intertidal wetlands
      • 1.Salinity
        • Wetlands Located in coastal estuaries
          • Must be able survive salt water,fresh water and brackish water
            • Plants have adaptations
              • Grey Mangroves
                • Peumatophores exclude salt
                • Secrete salt
                • Waxy cuticle minimises water loss
      • 2.Tidal movements
        • Transports organic material that is deposited on floor -forms food chain for crabs,and snails
        • Pneumatophores can exist under tidal water for short time
          • If magnitude or frequency of tidal inundation changes-roots can be submerged for too long
    • Gradual
    • Species cope through adaptation and natural selection


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