Natural Law

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  • Natural Law
    • Overview
      • Based around the thinking of St.Thomas Aquinas
      • Human nature
      • It's a deontological theory
    • The Telos
      • Developed from Aristotles teachings
        • Something is good if it fulfils its purpose
      • God should be the ultimate end of human life
    • The Four Tires of Law
      • 1. Eternal
        • The unchanging reason of God, absolute for all people
      • 2.Divine
        • The Laws given to us by God e.g. the ten commandments
      • 3.Natural
        • People use their reason to understand eternal law
      • 4.Human
        • The laws given to humans by other humans to follow
    • The five Primary Precepts
      • World
        • W
          • Worship God
        • O
          • Ordered Society
        • R
          • Reproduce
        • L
          • Learn
        • D
          • Defend Innocence
    • Real and Apparent Goods
      • Real Goods
        • Those which are in accordance with the five PP and God wishes for humanity
      • Apparent Goods
        • things which tempt us because they seem enjoyable but doesn't help with human flourishing
    • The Doctrine of Double effect
      • Situations in which there are two outcomes
      • if the intention was to do something good then the action cannot be bad
        • Even if it has a bad effect
      • Link to Euthanasia
    • Strengths of NL
      • Allows consideration of different circumstances
      • Offers a way of looking at the world which is absolute and applies to all times and cultures
      • it is easy to work out what is right and wrong
    • Weaknesses of NL
      • Not everyone believes in God
      • Seen as unsympathetic


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