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  • What are natural hazards?
    • Natural Hazards
      • Tectonic
        • An event occurring due to movement of the earths crust.
        • (earthquake, volcano)
      • Climatic
        • An event occurring due to weather conditions.
        • (Heatwave, Tornado)
      • Geomorphic
        • An event occurring on the Earths surface.
        • (Avalanche, Mudslide)
      • Why are some people more at risk?
        • Time of day (Comes during day or night)
        • population density.
        • Development gap. (LIC or HIC)
      • What is the Mantle and the Crust?
        • The Mantle is 2900 km thick and it second layer of the earth.
        • The crust is the outer layer of the earth and is between 0-60 km thick.
      • What are convection currents.
        • The hot magma rises towards the crust. As the magma reaches the crust it starts to spread out. The magma will then cool and sink.
    • A natural threat that has the potential to cause harm and loss of life.
    • (Hurricane,  Tornado, Tsunami)


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