Natural Hazards examples - Nepal and Chile

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  • Natural Hazards - Chile and Nepal
    • Chile
      • Primary effects
        • 500 dead, 12000 injured, 500000 homes destroyed.
      • Secondary effects
        • Lost power and water supplies. A fire in a chemical plant near Santiago. Copper mines suffered damage.
      • Immediate responses
        • Within hours, president asked for specific help. Ten days, 90% had power back.
      • Long-term responses
        • House rebuilding plan. Recovered without aid
    • Nepal
      • Secondary effects.
        • Avalanches on Mt Everest killed over 19 people. cost of damage $5billion. Tourism industry suffered.
      • Primary effects.
        • 9000 died, 20000 injured. 3 million left homeless. 1.4m people needed food, water and shelter. 7000 schools destroyed and hospitals overwhelmed.


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