History medicine: natural causes of disease

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  • natural explanation to disease
    • Four humours
      • many medieval doctors based their diagnosis and treatment of the theory
      • theory of four humours created by ancient greek    doctor Hippocarates
        • hippocrates believed that the body was made up of four fluids: blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile linked to four seasons and four elements. needed to be balance
      • Galen believed that diseases could be treated using opposites.
        • different food s , drinks herbs and spices had a humour which balance out excessive humour
    • miasma
      • the miasma theory is idea that bad air causes disease when someone breathes in, bad air must come from human waste  or dead bodies
      • originated in ancient greece and rome incorporated by galen
      • theory so influential lasted 1860s replaced by Germ theory
    • hippocrates and galen
      • influential in medical realm, hippocrates wrote beliefs about medicine translated into books, important text by roman catholics
      • many ideas taught for centuries after death. medieval doctors not allowed to perform own dissections
      • the hippocratic oath made promise by all doctors to obey rules of behaviour in profesional lives


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