NATO and West Germany's involvement

A mind map on NATO with extra detail on West German involvement and introduction to the organisation

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  • NATO
    • Created by US so that American policy could be enforced
      • US felt that without them Europe would be easy prey for communist ideology
    • A defence for western Europe from communist expansion
      • Threat from Soviets was felt to be more political than military
        • When the USSR first tested nuclear weapons NATO took on a more military role
      • NATO sent a message to the USSR that the USA was not going to let any more communist expansion spread in Europe
        • Example of containment policy
    • Created in April 1949
    • Followed on from the Western European Union
    • West German involvement in NATO
      • US wanted German's to join
      • French blocked West Germany joining NATO
        • Proposed the Pleven Plan
          • Western German troops allowed as part of a western European army within the new EDC
      • General Treaty signed in May 1952
        • West Germany recognised as a sovereign state
        • All restrictions on the German economy and scientific research was lifted
        • Germany allowed to set up armed forces
        • Failed to be ratified by French Assembly in August 1954
          • German Chancellor Adenauer voluntarily renounced nuclear weapons and reduced army size
            • British plan accepted and West Germany allowed to join the renamed EDC, now known as the Western European Union
      • West Germany allowed to join NATO in May 1955


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