Why did the Indians live on the Plains?

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  • Why did the Indians live on the Plains?
    • Horses
      • The Indians became great riders
      • The horses meant that the Plains Indians could hunt
      • This meant they didn't have to farm the Plains
    • Diseases
      • The European diseases were much more fatal to the Indians
      • The diseases brought by the Europeans drove them into Plains
      • Examples: Chlorea and Smallpox
    • Trade
      • Guns were introduced to the Plains Indians Enemies the 'Ojibwa'
      • The Plains Indians fled to the Great Plains
      • They could not fight against guns
    • Buffalo
      • Buffalo provided the Indians with food, tipis and weapons
      • The herd meant that the Indians didn't have to farm
      • As they were such good hunters with horses buffalo herds were ideal


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