Native Americans

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  • Native Americans in the USA 1865-1992
    • Government and Presidential policy
      • The Reservation Policy ( 1871-87)
        • Population of NA in 1860- 240,000 and  1900- 100,000
        • End their nomadic life
      • The Allotment Policy ( The Dawes Act) 1887-1934
        • NA were given land and after 25 years they could own it
      • The termination policy ( 1953-69)
        • ended reservation system- relocate and were helped to find jobs
      • The Indian Reorgnization Act / Wheeler Howard Act 1934- increased NA self government
      • Indian Citizenship Act 1924: right to vote
      • Meriam Report 1928: NA were the most impoversihedpeople in the USA
    • Legal cases
      • Cherokee Nation v. Hitchcok 1902 : challenged congress right to deny their rights
      • Lone Wolf v. Hitchcok 1903: government were given the right to revoke all treaties with NA. " an ignorant and dependent race"
      • Onedi v. Onedia and Madison Counties 1974: an increase in actions taken by tribes to regain lands
      • Fisher v. Montana 1976: NA children were being taken awayi rulling was that tribal courts would handle that issue
    • Economic factors
      • 90% of land allocated to NAs was lost
    • Role of Pressure groups
      • Society of American Indians 1911- lacked funds and didnt have an agreed aim
      • National Congress of American Indians 1944: exerted pressure of the gov
        • Indian Claims Commission 1946- NA lands could be returned
      • National Indian Youth Council 1961- unified to protest
      • Red Power movement 1960s- 1970s: more millitant approach
      • American Indian Movemnt (AIM) 1968
    • Solidarity and unity
      • Plain wars 1850s- 1870s: wars beween the NA tribes and or with Govt.
    • The impact of individuals
      • Richard Oaked led the seige of Alcatraz 1969
      • John Collier formed the American Indian Defense Association
      • Presidents : Nixon-  Indian Educational Act 1972, Ford- The Indian Self determination Act 1975, The Indian Education Act 1975, Carter- The Native American Religious Freedom Act 1978 and Indian Child welfare act 1978


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