why did the Native american Indians fight?

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  • Native American Indian's and why they fought
    • why did they fight?
      • cheifs used warfare as a way of testing their power and to increase their position in the tribe or band
      • young boy's dream of winning glory in battle, main way to earn respect
      • by capturing women, horses and children the NAI's could become wealthy
      • did not go to war to conquer others or to gain land
        • believed no one could own land anyway
      • dying battle not something they chose
    • the warfare was made up of short raids carried out by small groups in order to capture horses and weapons for revenge or honour
    • what was their idea of bravery?
      • didn't understand white peoples idea of staying and fighting till last one alive
      • bravery was about facing their responsibilities- being a good hunter and fighter without taking unnecessary risks that could jeopardise their life or their tribe
      • the counting coup
        • touching the enemy with his hand or specially decorated stick, was viewed as a warriors greatest honour particular if the enemy was alive
        • first to hit a man with his coup received the highest honours, lesser honours for those who were second third fourth etc..
      • scalping
        • avoided death due to fear of being scalped
        • if your enemy had your scalp he had your spirit
        • scalps were dried and displayed in many ways
          • top of tipi poles
          • hanging from horses bridles
          • or sewn into warriors clothes
    • tribe Vs. Tribe
      • usually occurred in the summer when food supplies had been built up
      • usually to steal horses/food
      • also fought to protect their hunting grounds from other tribes
      • chiefs welcomed warfare as thry could use their authority ver young brves who were anxious to fight and sometimes went out of control
      • also a way of bringing tribe/band together


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