Nationalism is a recipe for peace and international order. Discuss.

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  • Nationalism is a recipe for peace and international order. Discuss
    • Strongest basis found in liberal nationalism
      • Conflict stems from the existence of multinational empires inclined towards militarism and expanionism
      • Achievement of self-realisation and the establishment of nation states is the best way to ensure p and io
      • Wilsonian ideas about how democratic nation states will respect other NS because they do not wish to threaten their own internal cohesion
      • Nationalism is not a divisive force, it fosters respect for natural rights and national identities
      • All nation states are equal
    • Expanionist character when based on Chauvin beliefs
      • Some nations are superior to others and not all equal in right to self determination
        • e.g Mussolini in Italy
      • Breeds hysterical national enthusiasm, often resulting in 'them' and 'us'
      • Racialism, in and out group, OG is scapegoat for problems suffered by IG
        • Teutonic system of rating races, Aryan superiority of Nazis, jews scapegoats
      • No cultures are homogenous, inevitably breeds conflict


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