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  • Nationalism
    • End of 19th Century
      • Idustrial Revolution
        • Queen Victoria
    • Was the way of countries around the Euro entertaining themselves and spreading the word that they did not want to live in communism
      • National Anthems, Speeches, Polls, Parades and MUSIC!!
      • Smetena - Ma Vlast Vltava
        • Czech Republic
        • Describes river running through Prague
          • Uses instruments and sounds to create features of river.
            • 2nd Part - stream joins another river, repetition and melodic sequences  Polyphonic - bubbling noise
              • 3rd+4th Part - River gets bigger violin and cello join to create BOLD sound, hear horses galloping through woods + Horns and 6/8 rythm and homophonic
                • 5th Part river flows past wedding party with dance going on- Clarinet + Strings


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