Federalism In US- State Victories

American Unit 

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  • National Government Successes In US -Federalism
    • Fletcher V Peck 1810- 1st time state law was unconstitutional- repeal of the Yazoo Land Act.
    • Congress passed Tariffs protecting trade in the north 1828-Sourthen sates couldn't import from Europe
    • SC In Reitman V Mulkey 1967 overturned Proposition 14 which allowed Racial discrimination in housing in California
    • 1930's FDR  introduces the New Deal after Great Depression- This continued the growth of fed government
      • Led to Wickard v Filburn which allowed fed gov to introduce Agricultural Adjustment Act providing subsides to farmers for limiting crop yields
    • No Child Left Behind Act 2001- Biggest expansion of fed influence since 1960s -National criteria for school performance and national rules for testing
    • Bush's federal Spending grew by 18%- health care initiatives and homeland security and $33 billion allocated for improving electoral system
    • New England Opposed the war 1812- Voiced opinions on leaving union - National Interests more Important


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