NATIONAL IDENTITY- key concepts, theories, studies

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      • refers to identity of whole country
        • old-fashioned view: 'the blood + soil' that we live on
        • A02: WorldCup 2018 "it's coming home"
        • ANDERSON: nation is socially constructed/ "imagined community"/members of nation can never meet everyone/so constructed through symbols (eg. flags + anthem)
          • KUMAR: English find hard to say who they are= English identity is 'elusive'- developed 'missionary nationalism'- Britishness has diluted to Englishness
          • SARDAR (2002): World facing 'identity crisis'/After British lost most of empire, we're unsure whether to become more American or more European
      • STUART HALL: x3 responses to globalisation
        • Cultural Homogenisation (global cultures makes countries similar)
          • negative= countires losing distinctiveness
        • Cultural Hybridity (take some parts of global culture alongside own tradiitonal culture)
        • Cultural Resistance/ Defence (resist global culture _ protect own)
        • Life in Britain= no longer unique/ growing international homogenity/ dominance of American culture= difficuilt to pinpoint Britishness
      • PILKINGTON: National identity socially constructed + subject to change
        • BILLINGTON: We take our national identity for granted/only appreciate when abroad (ie. NHS)
          • WEIGHT: English football team= vital in binding English together
        • GOLDBATT: Sense of British identity created from x5 areas: monarchy. geography, religion, war + empire
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